About us

Student Housing Association brings together the main housing management companies for the university community in the city of Barcelona. 

From SHA we believe in the need for an accommodation for students at the level of other European cities, which reinforces the image of Barcelona as a university destination. 

The association was born in 2017 with the ambition of creating a quality seal, which unifies criteria in terms of the type of product offered by its members, as well as a code of good practices that regulates the processes of reservation and attention to students during their stay. 

In addition, SHA has among its main objectives the defense of the interests of those associated with the purpose of recognition of the sector in face of institutions and Public Administration. 

At present, the association brings together 8 management companies that add more than 1,800 places of accommodation in the city of Barcelona, where ​​we receive and accommodate thousands of national and international students every year.